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Stella Rissa x doctorSHARE: Scarves for a good cause

Posted by Shopdeca.com
Stella Rissa x doctorSHARE: Scarves for a good cause image

Two weeks ago, Stella Rissa & doctorSHARE launched a limited edition scarf line to commemorate doctorSHARE’s 7th anniversary and to help the construction of a doctorSHARE’s new floating hospital, Nusa Waluya II.

We all know Stella Rissa as a fashion designer from her extraordinary & sophisticated clothing line. She has been becoming highly motivated to help supporting better health services across Indonesia after her mother was hospitalized. To honor doctoSHARE’s 7th anniversary, she was invited to participate in supporting the construction of doctorSHARE’s latest health service.
Source: fimela.com

If you’re not familiar with doctorSHARE, you may be more familiar with their Floating Hospitals under the name RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan and Nusa Waluya I. These floating hospitals has been sailing across Sumatera and Kalimantan islands as an act of “picking up the ball” in form of a proactive visit to help unreachable areas in Indonesia. This time, the doctorSHARE’s new floating hospital is built and will be sailing in the Western part of Southern Maluku Indonesia.

Source: doctorshare.org

Source: doctorshare.org
Stella Rissa takes her part by designing two scarves available for purchase exclusively in Shopdeca. The HATI scarf is in 100 x 100 cm size, and is inspired by the heart of doctorSHARE’s volunteers. With a hint of pink and violet, the scarf is made with hope to open many people’s heart into helping beat health disparition in Indonesia.

Meanwhile the MALUKU scarf is inspired by the story of Susanti, a sick girl who couldn’t survive a 3 days boat ride to get to the nearest medical help. The 170 x 60 cm yellow scarf depicts the myriad islands of Maluku as the black line represent the medical help doctorSHARE hopes to make with the presence of Nusa Waluya II floating hospital.

As the fund collected from this project will be 100% donated to the construction of Nusa Waluya II, Stella Rissa, who also present at the launching event, added, “with the purchase and the usage of shawls from this line, everyone can contribute to support healthcare in Indonesia as well as raise awareness for the existence of social movements like doctorSHARE.”

Now is the best time to show your concern on Indonesia's health service in remote areas. Not just because we’re in the middle of the warmth from Thanksgiving and the excitement for the upcoming Christmas. But because the kindness of today will bloom on the heart that you touch forever. And the more kindness you give, the more heart are touched.

Join Stella Rissa and doctorSHARE on supporting better health service across Indonesia now by purchasing Stella Rissa x doctorSHARE’s HATI & MALUKU scarves.